Is that Car Available? – Sean V. Bradley – Episode 87

Sean discusses objections and availability for cars.  Over 80% of people who submit a purchase a request are going to buy something different. There are a number of reasons people do not qualify for the car they originally choose. You as an automotive sales professional can lead the buyer into the car you can max gross in. Do not stress about availability via the phone. Build your goals to build the relationship to get the buyer into the dealership. He provides strategies on how to phrase availability for cars and not lie. Also, it is important to go on a word track and inquire about what is important to the customer other than availability. You want to figure out what interests the customer about the car they are looking for in the first place. These steps and more provide the information you need to help provide the customer with what they need and close the deal by providing them with options even if the car they originally were looking for is not available. Also, advise that by being partnered with banks and wholesalers it is always possible for the customer to get whatever car they are looking for.



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