Everyone’s an Up – Sean V. Bradley – Episode 67

In this episode of “Make Money Mondays”, Dealer Synergy CEO Sean V. Bradley tells you how to take your sales and lead generation skills everywhere. Everybody’s an up. Sean reminds us that we need opportunities to do business to do business. To do business, we need to generate leads, and thankfully we can generate leads anywhere. We can ask three simple questions to up anyone: “Are you in the market for your vehicle?” “Who do you know who is in the market for a vehicle?” “Would you consider selling your vehicle if I could you more than it’s worth?” Everyday, you should be prospecting for new leads. You can’t just wait for ups to walk through the door and expect to stay in business. Anyone you meet anywhere could be an up, and developing your social skills to meet new people will expand your opportunities to do business. Remembering what people like and connecting with them based on their interests will help create the rapport necessary to develop a sales relationship. And even if you can’t sell a car to your new connection, they probably know someone else who is in the market for a car. Even better, today you can find new ups on social media like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.



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