Googleopoly – Sean V. Bradley – Episode 79

Sean┬ádiscusses dominating Google’s front page search results through a technique he calls Googleopoly! Just like you can own all of the real estate to put your competitors out of business in Monopoly board game, you can own all of the virtual real estate on Google’s first page of search results and put your real competitors out of business. And you need to dominate Google’s first page or you don’t exist – only 0.5% of users go past Google’s first results page. With one front page result, you are just a row boat in the ocean. But with two, three, four, six, ten front page results, you have a whole naval fleet, capable of sinking everyone else in your industry! To index more than once, you can use many types of content with unique URLs, like your websites, social media sites, review sites, images, and videos.



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