Never Stop Learning – Joe Cala – Episode 97

Take initiative, and go out and learn something on your own. In this industry, there is a myriad of resources available. The automotive industry is rich in training, education, knowledge, and information at our fingertips. There is so much that we can get our hands on. Joe Cala encourages you to go out and read a book that speaks to you and allows you to learn. Watch a video, a webinar, or some sort of educational tool to help you get better. Get yourself into a place, where you can find what speaks to you in a way that you can learn. Some people have to see it to learn, some have to hear it to learn, and some have to actually do it to learn. If you’re going to wait for someone to make you learn, you are not going to excel. The people who go further, are the people who actively and proactively go after what they can do to get better. Participate in Seminars, on demand training, 20 groups, summits, etc. Be a professional. Being a professional doesn’t mean that you stop learning, you must continue to get better, and learn how to do your job the best way you possible can, because they will help you make more money.



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