Price – Sean V. Bradley – Episode 84

Sean first tells us that if dealerships drop their prices, they can’t raise them later. Furthermore, Sean doesn’t believe in giving blind price quotes in emails because 96% of people you give a price to are going to shop a dealership’s quote quote. Just because 92% to 99% of Americans will go online before going to a dealership, doesn’t mean that dealerships need to immediately quote the prospect. Does it make sense to greet a customer in a dealership and immediately quote them? No. So why do it online? Price is only relevant in the absence of value – that’s why people buy six dollar cups of coffee from Starbucks. So price isn’t really that important – in fact, over 80% of people that submit a purchase request will buy something different! So articulating value, holding a conversation with the prospect, and describing your value package are much more important than a bottom-line price.



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